Sport and delinquency

*Mariya Nechaeva – Coordinator of research programs on Sports Law of the Russian State Sports University (Moscow) and the Russian State University of Friendship of Peoples (Institute en Sochi).

After the trade weapons, drugs and human beings, sports, in my opinion, is the most criminalized system in the field of social and state relations.

The amounts of criminal turnovers of funds in sports and other related industries are comparable to common criminal.

Meanwhile, sports activity involves a person from an early age. Getting into criminalized environment, the child and at least two of his parents, join the ranks of the victims of the criminal community. Corruption accompanies young sporstmen with the first steps of his sports career. Illegal surcharges to coaches, to raise funds for the purchase of “vitamins”, soliciting funds for the equipment, which has already been paid for through public institutions, payment parent visits to the competition, and, finally, direct bribes for getting into the team – these are the requisites needed to start. The more an athlete moves, the more it becomes dependent on the need to pay for criminals who pursue their occupations around him, masquerading as sports schools, federations, etc.

Turning to the memories of his sports activity of a retired and current athletes, we read about the many acts of this category of citizens who have signs of criminal offenses: Fraud, Extortion, mental and psychological violence, slander, personal injury, tax evasion and etc.

The national program for planning the number of medals at all levels, starting with the children’s sports, resulted in the sad results, which are now in the ears of every person, who’s  not even have attitude to sport.

This is a total involvement of athletes in the use of illicit drugs that stimulate physical activity to the limits, not acceptable in modern sport. These limits are designed primarily to preserve the health of athletes, not causing harm not only the physical but also the mental state of people who are professionally engaged in this activity.

State regulation of sports activity, has formed under a totalitarian regime to this date distorts people’s minds. In these criminal community guidelines stray officials, marginal and in semisport beings for the purpose to rob athletes. And these communities that used to steal money, allegedly to the state treasury, but in fact enriches the party leaders and their henchmen, there are now even more blatantly and with impunity, enriching the already other categories of criminals.

Public performances of athletes, the trials of extortionists, international condemnation, exclusion of competitors from the competition, finally, arrests and prohibitions to engage in sports activities, without prejudice to the organizers and leaders of criminal organizations that occupy the highest positions in the hierarchy.

Inside the country, to fight with the system almost impossible, so people asking to international organizations for help in their fight against crime.

Professional sport has now turned into a purely closed from public control organization,where there is a merging of state and criminal interests. State judiciary, prosecutors, police do not take into consideration of the complaint even underage athletes. The practice of protecting the rights of athletes from criminal attacks is completely absent. The athlete who decided to oppose the system will be forced to retire from professional sport under various pretexts, “squeezing”, the practice in modern sport.

Criminalization of sport – it is not a problem of one country, not a single continents. Corruption scandals in Latin America, Africa, almost everywhere in Europe, leading to the necessity urgently establish international law enforcement agencies with supranational powers for uncompromising and hard struggle with criminals in tracksuits, which are sewn state emblems and banners.

Serious consequences of the criminal activity of state and public sports structures are comparable with the effects of national psycological experiments that have experienced the citizens of Europe during the world wars. The victims of these experiments – this is our most healthy in every sense of fellow citizens which ruthlessly criminals in national and international organizations are destroying.

Protecting the rights and interests of athletes as citizens of the state, at the moment it should be entrusted to the World Sports Bureau with broad powers to search for arrest and bring to justice the perpetrators of sports. 

Firmado: Mariya Nechaeva
Coordinator of research programs on Sports Law of the Russian State Sports University (Moscow) and the Russian State University of Friendship of Peoples (Institute en Sochi).
The Judge of Tribunal.
Law Professor.

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